24-Hour Home Care: Three Chronic Conditions Where 24-Hour Home Care Makes a Difference

24-Hour Home Care: Would your mom benefit from having caregivers in her home throughout the day and night?

If so, it’s time to take a closer look at 24-hour home care. Here are three chronic conditions where 24-hour care helps your mom manage her physical and emotional well-being.


24-Hour Home Care: Caregiving

24-Hour Home Care: Caregiving


Alzheimer’s Disease

If your mom has Alzheimer’s, she doesn’t need care in the first stages. As she reaches stages five, six, and seven, her need for caregivers increases. At some point, 24-hour care is crucial. As she starts to wander, sleeps only a couple of hours a night, and becomes delusional, she cannot be left alone.

She needs someone to make sure she’s in her home and not wandering. She may not sleep much, and you won’t be able to forgo sleep to make sure she has someone keeping her company. Other things she can’t do anymore and needs caregivers for include cooking meals, driving her around, and changing sheets and pajamas if she has an accident.


Depending on your mom’s cancer care plan, some treatments can leave her feeling sick and exhausted. If she’s having a hard time with nausea and vomiting, feeling breathless, or walking to the bathroom, a caregiver needs to be there to help her.

When she’s not feeling well, she can’t control when it happens. She may feel fine all day and worsen when you’re ready for bed. With 24-hour care, she always has someone awake and willing to help her out.


After a stroke, your mom will likely lose movement on one side of her body. She won’t be able to walk without help. She may need a wheelchair. It’s frustrating and may lead to depression. If she tries to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you don’t want her to struggle and fall and injure herself.

Make sure there is always someone there for your mom to talk to. When she’s feeling down, a caregiver can sit and talk to her or simply let her know she’s not alone. Her 24-hour care services also ensure she has someone to help her with trips to the bathroom at night.

When you hire caregivers for 24-hour home care, it’s not the same caregiver all day and night. The caregivers work in shifts. Whoever is at your mom’s house for the next shift is awake and checking on her throughout the night.

Gather a list of questions from your mom and other family members. Sit down and call a 24-hour home care agency with that list and get answers. It makes it easier to address any concerns before you schedule caregivers for around-the-clock care.


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