Cleaning Hacks For Seniors Aging In Place

Aging in place has a lot of proven benefits for seniors. Staying in a familiar home that they love and have happy memories of, can help your senior parent’s physical and mental health. But keeping up that home can be a lot of work, especially if your senior parent is still living in the large family home that you grew up in. But there are easy house cleaning hacks that your senior loved one and their home care provider can use to make simple cleaning easier to do. Many seniors who have mild health problems can still do a lot of household tasks themselves. They may even enjoy keeping up the house themselves.


Home Care in Glendale AZ: Aging In Place

Home Care in Glendale AZ: Aging In Place



These hacks from professional cleaners can help them:

Use Extension Tools And Other Aides

Gone are the days when floors had to be scrubbed on hands and knees and ladders were necessary to dust lights or blinds. Telescoping extension tools for dusting and scrubbing make it easy even for seniors to get rid of dust or scrub the shower. Seniors can reach ceilings and high shelves to clean without having to get on a ladder or bend and stretch in ways that they may not be able to do anymore. Take a quick look in the housecleaning section of the hardware store and you’ll be amazed at how many helpful tools are out there.


Get Home Care

The best solution for the tasks that your senior loved one can’t do anymore is home care. A home care provider will do things like cook meals and put away groceries and run errands. But they can also do the laundry, mop the floor, vacuum the rugs, and do other tasks that are just too difficult for your senior loved one to do. Your senior loved one can still do the tasks that they are able to do. But a home care provider can do the rest to make sure that your senior parent has a safe and clean house without hurting themselves.


Use The Dishwasher For Cleaning More Than Dishes

Dishwashers can clean a lot of household items and sanitize them too. From the grandkids’ toys to sponges, plastic storage bins, medical equipment, and things like refrigerator shelves and pet bowl the dishwasher is a great household tool for seniors. And if your senior loved one has trouble bending over to get things out of the dishwasher or grasping small items to put them in the dishwasher home care can help with that.


Use Rolling Carts To Organize Everyday Items

Rolling carts are something every senior should have. Seniors can keep items like canned goods or the pots and pans they use every day in a rolling cart next to the counter or stove so that they don’t need to reach into cupboards to try and get what they need. And then they don’t need to bend or reach to clean cabinets either. By keeping those daily essentials front and center in a rolling cart they are cutting down on cleaning and making the things they need more accessible.


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