Your mom and dad have been told to boost their activity.
It could be high blood pressure or weight gain triggering the warning from their doctors. No matter what’s leading to the request that they get more exercise, they’re unlikely to follow through if they don’t like the exercise program they test out.

You’re in need of ideas for exercises that they’ll love. Try these six that are popular with older adults.


Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: Six Exercise Programs

Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: Six Exercise Programs


Ballroom Dancing

Dancing is a good way to bond with others while having fun. Your parents should try a ballroom dancing class and see what they think. Sure, they’re having fun dancing together. They’re also toning muscle, improving balance, and getting a bit of an aerobic workout at the same time.



Pilates is one of the best exercise programs for balance. Like Yoga, it’s about controlled movements that help tone muscles while working on balance and a stable core. Sign up for classes or put on videos at home and get the equipment that’s needed like a padded exercise mat.



Swimming is gentle on the joints, which makes it a great choice if arthritis is an issue. It works out the full body. Legs get a workout kicking in the resistant water. Arms move with each stroke. You also have to turn your head, which works out the neck, when you turn to the side to take another breath.


Tai Chi

This gentle exercise form is actually a form of martial arts. It’s designed to help you learn defensive movies while also focusing on meditative breathing and balance. Your parents want to look for a form of Tai Chi that is more about slow movements.

As an example, one Tai Chi move is to pretend you’re holding a large ball and turning it over without letting go of it with either hand. You turn the arms and wrists while standing still and making sure you’re taking deep breaths.



Walking is an ideal exercise at any age. To get the most benefit, pump the arms while walking. That helps boost the heart rate. To keep a walk from becoming boring and routine, your parents could walk around their neighborhood a few times a week and go to local parks or nature trails on others.



Yoga pairs meditative breathing, gentle stretches, and poses that help tone muscles, improve focus, and work on balance. If your parents have a harder time staying balanced, a Chair Yoga program is a good program at the start.

Who is around to encourage your parents to get daily exercise? If you live too far away or have other responsibilities, elderly care aides can be there in your place. Arrange elderly care services like companionship to make sure your parents are not alone while they’re exercising.


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