If your elderly family member is having a tough time hydrating properly, these might be some of the contributing factors you might notice.


Home Care in Surprise AZ: Senior Dehydration

Home Care in Surprise AZ: Senior Dehydration

She Just Doesn’t Remember to Drink Water

There are a lot of reasons your senior might forget to drink water. Some of those involve cognitive changes, like developing Alzheimer’s disease, but they can also involve the fact that your senior’s ability to interpret thirst changes. As she gets older, the “thirst triggers” just don’t work the same way that they used to. That can mean that she goes for hours without drinking anything, much less water.

She’s Having Trouble with Mobility

Mobility issues can create problems with dehydration, too. Your senior may think about getting something to drink, but if it’s too difficult for her to do on her own, she may simply opt to ignore the urge. Or she might be concerned that she’d drop a beverage if she went to get one on her own. These concerns aren’t unfounded, but they can create big health problems for her if she continues to ignore them.

She’s Dealing with Incontinence

On a related note, incontinence issues can contribute to dehydration. Your senior may opt to avoid drinking water or other beverages in a misguided attempt to keep herself from having an accident. The problem is that dehydration doesn’t resolve incontinence at all and actually creates other health problems along the way. Your senior may become more susceptible to urinary tract infections, too, and that’s something you definitely want to help her to avoid.


She’s Battling Other Health Issues

Other health concerns have an effect on your senior’s ability to stay hydrated, too. The dehydration could be a side effect of the health issue itself or your senior may be less likely to drink fluids because of whatever other health concerns she’s battling. Talk to her doctor about how her health influences her ability to stay hydrated.


She’s Taking Medications that Are Dehydrating Her

The flip side of the health issue question is the medications your elderly family member may be taking to manage her health. Many medications have side effects that are related to dehydration or that could cause your senior to feel thirst less readily. It’s important to know if your elderly family member is taking any of these medications.

Finding a solution to your senior’s dehydration issues is often easier with help. Senior care providers can be a tremendous help to your elderly family member at home so that she has the assistance she needs to get properly hydrated.


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