Tips for Giving Transferring Assistance to the Elderly

Now that your elderly loved one is older or in more pain, they are probably going to need more transferring assistance. For example, it might be very difficult for your loved one to get up out of bed and stand up safely. They may also have difficulties moving out of a chair or wheelchair. The good news is that you can hire in-home care providers to help with transferring your elderly loved one from one spot to another. There are also some other things that can be done to help your elderly loved one with this, as well.


In-Home Care in Tempe AZ: Transferring Service

In-Home Care in Tempe AZ: Transferring Service


Best Bed Height

One of the problems that many elderly people have when it comes to transferring from laying to standing is the bed height. If your elderly loved one’s bed is too high or too low, it can make it unsafe for them to stand up from the bed. Most elderly people need the top of the mattress to be between 18 and 23 inches to the floor. Basically, it should be about the height of a living room or kitchen chair.

You can check the height by standing near it and sitting down. If you are about the same height as your elderly loved one and you can get out of and in the bed comfortably, it should be okay for your elderly loved one. You can also just use a measuring tape to check the bed height.


Assisting Out Of The Bed and Chairs

If your elderly loved one still isn’t able to get in and out of their bed by themselves, even with the proper bed height, they may need more transferring assistance. You may need to hire senior care providers. These providers can hold onto your elderly loved one while they get up from the bed and chairs. That way, there will be a lower risk of them falling during these transfers. In addition, the elderly care providers can help your loved one to move from a standing position down into the chair. Sometimes, elderly people fall during this transition because of balance issues.


Moving Out of or Into Wheelchairs

Does your elderly loved one use a wheelchair? If so, it may be nearly impossible, if not impossible, for them to transfer themselves into and out of the chair. Depending on which health problem is causing them to be in the chair in the first place, your elderly loved one may always need someone to move them from the wheelchair to the bathtub, toilet, or another chair or piece of furniture. In-home care providers can do this for you elderly loved one.


Does your elderly loved one have issues moving into or out of their bed? Do they need help to move into or out of chairs? What about a wheelchair? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it may be a good idea to hire home care providers to handle transferring for your elderly loved one.


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