Senior Home Care: What Do You Do When Your Dad’s Doctor Tells Him He Has Alzheimer’s?

Senior Home Care: According to Alzheimer’s Association, 6.2 million U.S. residents have this form of dementia.

That number is projected to double within 30 years. While it’s disheartening to learn a parent has Alzheimer’s, it’s a prevalent disease Affecting one in nine adults age 65 or older. Consideration for senior home care should be something you look into.


Senior Home Care in Cave Creek AZ: Alzheimer's

Senior Home Care in Cave Creek AZ: Alzheimer’s

Your dad’s doctor confirmed what you’ve suspected. Your dad has Alzheimer’s. What do you do now?

Ask to See a Memory Care Specialist

If your dad is not offered a referral to a specialist, ask for one. A memory care team helps both you and your dad navigate the disease. It’s one of the best ways to get information about support groups. You also get information on the stages and what your dad needs for care services.

Safety Proof the House Now

Go through the house and take safety proofing steps. Mobility and vision are going to decline, so put in grab bars in the bathroom. Sundowning occurs in the later stages, but you can put in bright lighting now and timers to make sure lights turn on before the sun starts to set.

Install devices that shut off power or gas to the stove and oven. That prevents your dad from burning foods and starting a fire. Consider adding security cameras around the home. If you don’t live with your dad, you can track his movements in the early stages and make sure he’s eating meals, getting out of bed, and taking a shower.

Finally, look into GPS trackers that you can sew into his clothing or put in his shoes. Some smartwatches have built-in GPS trackers. If he does wander, trackers make it easier to track his location.


Senior Home Care: Arrange to Have Caregivers Helping Out Sooner Rather Than Later

While you may not see the need for caregivers right now, it’s ideal to arrange services as soon as possible. Your dad will start to forget who people are. Those he’s met most recently become the first people he’ll forget.

If you have arranged caregivers when he’s still in the early stages, it gives him time to get to know them and form a bond. That bond will help in the latter stages when he sees people he knows as strangers.

In-home care is an essential resource for family caregivers. When you need to take a break to run errands, attend social events, or go to appointments, an in-home care aide can stay with your dad for as long as is needed.

You may live too far away to be around to help your dad. With senior home care, he stays in the home that’s familiar to him. That familiarity can make a difference as he progresses through the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease.


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