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Explore the Different Types of Home Care Services

If your senior loved one chooses to age in place, deciding which type of different home care service they may need can be difficult.
Types of Services: Home Care Cave Creek AZ
Types of Services: Home Care Cave Creek AZ

Your mom lives alone, and she’s insistent that she gets to age in place and not have to move in with you. You worry because you live hours away. Have you looked into home care services? It’s a good way for both of you to be happy.

Personal Care Services

Personal care services pair your mom with an assistant to help her complete hygiene and grooming tasks. After she gets up in the morning, she uses the toilet, takes a shower, brushes her teeth, and gets dressed. Health issues like arthritis, dementia, and general loss of muscle or strength from conditions like cancer, osteoporosis, or MS can impact her ability to do these tasks.

A personal care aide helps her sit down and get up from the toilet. It limits the risk of a fall. She has a caregiver to help her get in and out of the shower. If she needs help washing her hair or body, her assistant is right there.

Once she’s washed, her caregiver can help her apply skin cream, get dressed in the right attire for the day, and brush and floss her teeth. If she needs her nails trimmed, her caregiver can do it. Finally, if your mom experiences incontinence, her caregiver can help her change clothes and incontinence pads, and take care of her skin to avoid irritation.

Companionship Services

Companionship services are designed to make sure your mom isn’t isolated from social activities and conversations. She might live alone and be unable to drive, but that doesn’t mean she has to become housebound.

Her caregiver can drive her to stores, social gatherings, and community events. If she doesn’t have plans, her caregiver is there for social interaction and can watch movies with her, play a game with her, or help her with her favorite hobby.

Housekeeping Services

If your mom has a hard time with household chores, her caregiver can help. Her caregiver can run errands for her or help her do them. Her caregiver can cook meals for her, do the laundry, change sheets, and make the bed.

Your mom’s caregiver can vacuum the carpets, dust furnishings, sweep hardwood or tile floors, and take out the trash. Caregivers can water plants, wash dishes, and wipe down counters, sinks, and faucets.

Respite Care Services

Respite care is a service where family caregivers have a professional caregiver take over for a temporary break. It’s an ideal service if you wake up with a stomach bug and know you shouldn’t be around your mom until you’re healthy. You might want respite care services if you test positive for COVID.

In addition to ensuring your mom has the support she needs when you’re ill, respite care is useful if you are emotionally, mentally, or physically drained and need a break. You can also use it if you have a vacation coming up and can’t bring your mom or leave her alone.

Arrange home care services by talking to an agency about your mom’s health, abilities, and home situation. One call is all it takes to get started.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Home Care in Cave Creek, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Home Care Resources at (602) 443-4700.

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