Parkinson’s Home Care

Home Care Resources is a locally owned and operated agency established in 1999 to provide; “Quality Care Wherever You Call Home” to seniors throughout Maricopa County. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you in the comfort of your home.

We understand the desire to remain in the privacy and safety of your own environment; Home Care Resources is committed to the highest standards of service. Our objective is to improve the quality of life for both our clients and our client’s family.

Whether it is recovery from a short-term illness, surgery, a long-term disability or the natural challenges that accompany growing older, you can rely on our professional staff.

Whatever your needs may be, our caregivers are there to provide comfort, support, security, dignity, and the upmost in personal care.

Are you or a loved one struggling with Parkinson’s Disease? Did you know that home care can make a significant difference in managing the symptoms and improving quality of life? From helping with daily activities to addressing mobility challenges, Home Care Resources can be your source of freedom and independence.

About Home Care for Parkinson’s Disease Clients

  • Home care services can provide personalized support for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, helping with mobility assistance, in-home care, and companion care.
  • Regular exercise, such as walking, swimming, yoga, or tai chi, can improve mobility, flexibility, and quality of life for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Respite care services can offer temporary relief for family caregivers, allowing them to recharge and focus on other aspects of life.
  • Home care agencies like Home Care Resources carefully vets and trains caregivers to ensure quality care, providing peace of mind for family caregivers and the knowledge that their loved ones are in good hands.

What is Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects the movement of your body. It occurs when there is a loss of dopamine-producing cells in the brain. 

This neurotransmitter, dopamine, is responsible for facilitating smooth and coordinated muscle movements. As a result, individuals with Parkinson’s Disease experience a variety of symptoms, including tremors, stiffness, slowness of movement, and difficulty with balance and coordination.

Living with Parkinson’s Disease can be challenging, but there are home care services available to help manage the symptoms and improve quality of life. 

Home care for Parkinson’s Disease focuses on assisting with daily activities, enhancing mobility, and providing personal care services. Personal care services may include help with bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication reminders. 

Maintaining mobility is crucial for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Home care providers can assist with exercises and physical therapy to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. They can also provide transportation to medical appointments and community activities.

We realize that personal situations constantly change, no long-term commitments are ever required; adjustments to your services can always be made with a simple phone call.

Providing Parkinson’s Home Care in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise, Goodyear, Cave Creek, Care Free, Fountain Hills, and surrounding areas.

Home care in Phoenix AZ by Home Care Resources

How Can Home Care Help with Parkinson's Disease?

Having a caregiver can greatly assist individuals with Parkinson’s disease in managing their daily tasks and improving their quality of life. Here are three ways in which home care can help individuals with Parkinson’s disease:

Mobility Assistance: Parkinson’s disease can cause difficulties with movement and balance. A caregiver can provide support and assistance with activities such as walking, transferring from one place to another, and getting in and out of bed or chairs. They can also help individuals with exercises and stretches to improve their mobility.

In-Home Care: With in-home care, individuals with Parkinson’s disease can receive personalized care and support in the comfort of their own home. This allows them to maintain their independence and freedom while still receiving the assistance they need. Caregivers can help with daily activities such as meal preparation, medication reminders, and personal hygiene.

Companion Care: Parkinson’s disease can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. A caregiver can provide companionship and emotional support, engaging in conversations, participating in hobbies and activities, and offering a friendly presence. This can greatly enhance the individual’s overall well-being and happiness.

Home Care Resources is a locally owned and managed provider of non-medical in-home care and services in Arizona. We have been serving communities throughout the Valley of the Sun since 1999.

Parkinson's home care in Phoenix AZ by Home Care Resources

How Does Home Care Help Family Caregivers?

Home care services provide valuable support for family caregivers by offering assistance with daily activities and providing temporary relief. Whether you are a spouse, child, or sibling taking care of a loved one, home care can make a significant difference in your life. Here are three ways in which home care can help family caregivers:

Personalized care: Home care services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your loved one. Caregivers can help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. They can also provide medication reminders and assist with mobility.

Respite care: Taking care of a family member can be physically and emotionally draining. Home care services offer respite care, allowing family caregivers to take a break and recharge. Whether you need a few hours or a few days off, a professional caregiver can step in and provide the necessary support.

Peace of mind: Knowing that your loved one is in good hands can bring you peace of mind. Home care agencies carefully vet their caregivers and provide ongoing training to ensure the highest quality of care. With a trusted caregiver by your side, you can have the freedom to focus on other aspects of your life while still providing the best care for your loved one.

How Do I Choose the Best Home Care Agency in Phoenix?

When choosing the best agency for your home care needs in Phoenix, it’s important to consider factors such as experience, qualifications, and reputation.

Experience: Look for an agency that has been providing home care services for a significant amount of time. Experience indicates that they have dealt with a variety of situations and have the knowledge and skills to handle your specific needs.

Qualifications: Ensure that the agency’s caregivers are properly trained and qualified to provide the care you require. Check if they have the necessary certifications and licenses, and inquire about their ongoing training and education programs.

Reputation: Research the agency’s reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from other clients. A good reputation is a reflection of the quality of care provided and the satisfaction of their clients.

What Are Some Tips on Daily Activities to Lessen the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?

To lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, you can incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. 

  • Regular physical activity has been shown to improve mobility, flexibility, and overall quality of life for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. 
  • Engaging in exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, or tai chi can help improve balance, reduce muscle stiffness, and enhance coordination. 
  • Additionally, exercise releases endorphins, which can help improve mood and reduce stress.

Incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine, along with seeking support from senior home care and respite care services, can help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and improve overall well-being. Remember to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations and guidance.

How Does Home Care Help with Mobility Issues?

If you’re struggling with mobility issues, home care services can provide the assistance you need to move around safely and comfortably. Whether you have Parkinson’s disease or any other condition that affects your ability to move, home care can be a valuable resource. These services are designed to help you maintain your independence and freedom while ensuring your safety and well-being.

Home care providers can assist you with various mobility tasks, such as: 

  • Getting in and out of bed, 
  • Walking, 
  • Transferring from one place to another. 
  • Exercises
  • Physical therapy routines 
  • Support with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, and grooming.

By having a home care professional by your side, you can feel confident in your ability to navigate your home and community. They can help you avoid falls and accidents, which can be common for individuals with mobility issues. With their assistance, you can maintain your freedom and continue to participate in the activities you enjoy.

We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parkinson’s Care at Home

Yes, there are support groups and resources available in Phoenix specifically for Parkinson’s patients and their families. These groups can provide valuable information, emotional support, and a sense of community. Call our office for more information.

Living at home with Parkinson’s can present challenges. Home care can help address these by providing assistance with daily activities, medication reminders, offering emotional support, and promoting a safe and comfortable environment.

Yes, there are specialized home care services available in Phoenix (like Home Care Resources) that cater specifically to Parkinson’s patients. These services can provide the necessary support and assistance to help manage the unique challenges associated with the condition.

Yes, home care providers can assist with medication reminders for Parkinson’s patients. They remind you to take the right meds at the right time, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what you love.

Home care providers address the emotional and psychological needs of Parkinson’s patients and their family caregivers by offering support, counseling, and resources. They strive to create a compassionate and understanding environment that promotes well-being and eases the burden of caregiving.

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