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Home Care Assistance Advice on Addressing Your Mom’s Health

Addressing your senior loved one's health needs can be difficult. Here are some home care assistance tips to help break the ice.
Senior Health: Home Care Assistance Paradise Valley AZ
Senior Health: Home Care Assistance Paradise Valley AZ

National Call Your Doctor Day falls on the second Tuesday in June. It’s initially designed to get women to call their doctors and schedule wellness visits to get caught up on medical tests and exams. Is your mom missing anything when it comes to her health? How do you address her healthcare needs and anything you know about the chronic health conditions she’s already been diagnosed as having? It’s time for your family and her home care assistance provider to have a conversation with her.

How is Her Health?

One of the most important questions to ask is how is your mom’s health? Has her doctor diagnosed her with any chronic conditions or health issues? If so, is she following the treatment plan?

Your mom’s health dictates how often she should see her doctor. If she’s been diagnosed with anemia, she may need to have her iron levels checked every three months. If she needs iron-rich plasma infusions once a year, she’ll need to schedule those, too.

If she has diabetes, she needs to monitor her sugar levels, eat the right foods, get enough exercise, and see her doctor regularly to track her progress. She may need insulin, and that requires training to learn how and when to administer an insulin injection. She may need to work with a dietitian to learn how to choose the right foods and meal plans.

High blood pressure may require your mom to take medications, get plenty of exercise, and eat a low-sodium diet. She needs to work with her doctor and make sure she’s doing everything she should be.

Is She Caught Up on Tests and Vaccinations?

Many of the tests your mom needs to do are based on age. A colonoscopy is generally recommended after the age of 45, and every 10 years after that if the first one was clear. She should be going for mammograms and pap smears until your mom’s doctor feels she’s old enough to stop. Bone density screenings are also important.

For vaccinations, your mom should be getting a yearly flu shot. She may be due the pneumonia, shingles, and COVID shots or boosters. Hepatitis B vaccinations are also recommended for many older adults.

If she’s struggling with the idea of going for these tests or appointments, arrange to have yourself or her home care assistance provider accompany her. She may find comfort in not having to go by herself.

Who Supports Her When She Can’t Do Something on Her Own?

When arthritis pain impacts mobility or endurance, your mom may find it hard to keep up with daily routines. If she has heart disease, she might struggle to have enough energy to clean her home. She needs someone else to help her out.

Home care assistance is vital when your mom struggles with independent living. She may want to age at home, but she needs to know when it’s time to ask for a helping hand. Arrange home care assistance after talking to her, getting a list of questions, and knowing what services interest her the most.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Home Care Assistance in Paradise Valley, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Home Care Resources at (602) 443-4700.

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