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How to Help Seniors With Arthritis

Arthritis can make mobility difficult for seniors, but personal care at home can assist with chores, hygiene, and lifestyle changes to help manage the condition.
Personal care at home can provide needed routine care for seniors dealing with arthritis.
Personal care at home can provide needed routine care for seniors dealing with arthritis.

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints, and this may seem like something that is not a big deal, but it is something that can make moving around really hard for seniors. It is easy to think there is nothing a senior can do to manage inflammation but the truth is there are several lifestyle changes a senior can make to manage arthritis. If your loved one is struggling to manage their home and lifestyle but wishes to age in place, there are many options for them.

One of the best professionals they can hire is personal care at home, who can help them with simple chores, hygiene, and lifestyle habits that can help a senior with arthritis.


Manage Weight

This is a tip that should by no means hurt a senior. Body shaming will never help anyone and a person’s body naturally looks different and holds weight differently as they age. However, maintaining a healthy weight for one’s age and height is crucial for helping with pain and inflammation from arthritis.

Personal care at home can help a senior keep an eye on what they’re eating, how many calories they consume, and how much they are moving around. When a senior is overweight, the weight is putting pressure on their joints and bones, making it way harder to thrive while aging in place.


Exercise Every Day

It can be so hard as a senior to want to move around with arthritis but the truth is movement is crucial for optimal health. Your loved one should walk, move, stretch, and even lift light weights to age in place.

Personal care at home can help remind seniors to exercise and incorporate it into their daily routine. This doesn’t mean your loved one has to do massive workouts that strain their bodies, but it does mean they should focus on moving.

When seniors can move around, it helps them fight inflammation. Movement also helps with fluid circulation, which helps keep seniors’ joints lubricated.

Keep in mind that seniors should always listen to their bodies if they feel pain when moving. If they need help with movement, they may need to seek a physical therapist who can help guide them and manage bad arthritis.



The term diet has a bad stigma, and most seniors may shy away from this term. When you hear the word diet you should not think of pills and super restrictive caloric intake, instead you should think about eating well-rounded meals that have protein, fruits, and vegetables in it. By eating more fruits and vegetables, a senior can maintain weight, but food can also help fight inflammation or promote it.

When seniors eat more frozen meals packed with salt, they may become bloated and in pain. Diet plays a crucial role as seniors age, but it can be hard for them to focus on.

Personal care at home may be able to help your loved one prepare healthier meal options in advance that focus on being well-rounded.



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