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Home Care Assistance: 5 Ways Your Senior Can Stay Active and Make Friends

Home Care Assistance: The most important thing to remember about caring for a senior is to ensure that he or she is active.

Home Care Assistance: The most important thing to remember about caring for a senior is to ensure that he or she is active.

Participating in activities rather than sitting at home is good for their morale. As you engage in everyday activities with your parent or a senior loved one, you should ensure that you are doing what you can to keep them active. Home care assistance services are a huge help with keeping them busy.


Home Care Assistance in Tempe AZ: Senior Activity Ideas
Home Care Assistance in Tempe AZ: Senior Activity Ideas


Here are five ways your senior can stay active that will make them happier, healthier, and more social:

Visit Local Senior Centers

If your senior lives in an urban area, there are likely to be plenty of centers where they can learn new skills or partake in social activities. Many cities have special programs designed for seniors, such as free classes on health and wellness or discounted events that your senior might enjoy. Check out the local venues in your community and see if they provide the type of activities your senior is looking for.


Get Your Senior Outside To Meet New People

Getting outside offers a variety of fun and enjoyable activities for your seniors, such as walking, knitting, or bird watching. Taking your senior out for a walk can help them interact with other people, make new friends, and keep them cognitively stimulated. When they are home, home care assistance providers can help them stay active by organizing book clubs or art classes at home for seniors.


Exercise Classes

Exercise does more than make your senior feel good; it provides important health benefits, and 30 minutes of light activity five times a week can make a big difference.

Exercise programs are designed specifically for seniors who want to stay active and make friends while participating in an exercise activity. These classes are often free or low-cost, so it won’t hurt the bank to enroll in a few different programs to see where your senior feels most comfortable. A home care assistance provider can work with seniors to find activities that appeal to them and keep them moving.



Many seniors enjoy volunteering at schools, libraries, nursing homes, or with youth sports teams because it keeps them connected to the community and gives them a sense of purpose. In addition, they can spend time with friends and family members who share similar interests and stay active while they’re at it.


Find Your Senior A Hobby 

Your senior can benefit from a hobby that he and his friends can share. Maybe he or she loves to garden, golf, or play cards. However, if he or she does not have the strength to do these activities on his own, look for a home care assistance program that can provide companionship to your senior to help your senior stay involved with his or her hobbies.


Home Care Assistance: Conclusion

A senior will benefit from staying active and having the company of his or her friends. Sign him up for a walking program, or find a hobby that your senior and his friends can share. He or she will be happy that you’re helping him stay involved in his familiar surroundings and with people they love.

Home care assistance is an important part of helping your senior stay active and make friends. This includes taking your senior out to see friends, family, and important events and appointments. Call us today for more information on how we can help!


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