Senior Home Care: Careful Planning Makes for a Successful Holiday Together

Senior Home Care: Holiday gatherings give you the chance to judge how well your parents are doing.

You’ll be around to see if they’re still able to prepare meals, keep their home clean, and dress for the weather. While these gatherings make it easy to assess your parents’ health and well-being, there are ways to make sure the holidays are successful. It’s no fun if the stress and planning create a strain on their mental or physical health. This is when senior home care can be extremely helpful.


Senior Home Care in Glendale AZ: Holiday Planning

Senior Home Care in Glendale AZ: Holiday Planning


Stay Home If You’re Sick

You may only get to see your parents once a year, but it’s important to stay home if you’re sick. All family members need to use common sense and avoid spreading viruses to their parents.

Suppose you learn strep throat is spreading around your child’s classroom. Her throat hurts, but you don’t want to miss your chance to travel and see your mom or dad. Please don’t risk it. Delay plans and get together when everyone is healthy. You can chat online for now.

Everyone needs to abide by this rule. If anyone is sick or was exposed to someone who’s sick, they need to stay home.


Simplify the Gathering With a Potluck Meal

Cooking for a crowd is stressful. Instead of pushing your mom and dad to shop for groceries and prepare food for everyone, have all attendees bring a dish. With a potluck meal, your parents aren’t stressed and trying to get everything ready on time.

Otherwise, get everyone involved in the kitchen duties. If your sisters do the cooking, others should do the dishes after. Make sure everyone is chipping in and easing the to-do list for cooking and cleaning to prevent your parents from having to take care of everything…


Senior Home Care: Reduce Holiday Shopping Demands

If your parents have a limited budget, have all family members assigned one person to shop for to save money. Put names in a hat and have everyone draw a name. Set a budget for everyone to follow. While your parents may want to shop for everyone in the family, they can focus their spending on the person they choose from a hat.

Your parents may want to shop for everyone, but they have a hard time going into stores without help. If that’s the case, make sure they have someone to drive them and help them carry their purchases.

When the holidays are over, make sure your mom and dad aren’t alone and lonely. A senior home care specialist can help you schedule companion care for your parents. They’ll have caregivers stopping in to keep them company and help them with daily chores. Call an elder care agency to learn more.

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