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Personal Care at Home Tips For Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention: Personal Care at Home Tempe AZ
Fall Prevention: Personal Care at Home Tempe AZ

According to the CDC there are more than 36 million seniors that fall every year, and more than 30,000 of those falls are fatal. With most seniors choosing to live at home as they get older preventing falls at home needs to be a priority for seniors and their families.

Seniors can fall anywhere in the home, but the number one most hazardous room for seniors in the home is the bathroom. Seniors commonly fall at home when they are trying to shower or bathe, brush their teeth, or go the bathroom. All seniors should have personal care at home to help ensure they don’t fall while trying to maintain personal hygiene. Personal care at home is specialized care that will help seniors with tasks like bathing and getting dressed.

Exercise Regularly

Engaging in regular physical activity helps improve balance, strength, and flexibility, which are essential in preventing falls. Activities like walking, tai chi, and water aerobics can be particularly beneficial.

Get A Medication Assessment Regularly

Seniors should review their medications with their healthcare provider to identify any potential side effects that could affect balance or coordination. Always take prescribed medications as directed.

Get Regular Vision Checkups

Regular eye exams are crucial for seniors to maintain good vision. Vision problems can contribute to falls, so corrective lenses or treatments can make a significant difference.

Get Hearing Screenings

Hearing impairment can also affect balance and awareness of one’s surroundings. Regular hearing checkups and the use of hearing aids when necessary can help prevent falls.

Make Sure The Home Is Hazard Free

Conduct a thorough assessment of the home environment. Identify and address potential hazards, such as loose rugs, clutter, and poorly lit areas. Install handrails in hallways and on stairs and use non-slip mats in the bathroom.

Wear Sturdy Footwear That Fits

Seniors should wear supportive, well-fitting shoes with non-slip soles. Avoid walking in socks or barefoot, as this increases the risk of slipping.

Use Assistive Devices

If prescribed by a healthcare provider, encourage the use of mobility aids like canes or walkers. These devices provide added stability and support for walking.

Fall Detection Devices

Consider investing in a fall detection device or a wearable emergency alert system. These devices can automatically notify emergency services or caregivers if a fall occurs.

Make Stairs Safer

If the home has stairs, ensure that handrails are secure and in good condition. Use proper techniques when ascending and descending stairs, such as holding onto the handrail. Seniors should consider moving to a downstairs bedroom or turning a first-floor room into a bedroom to avoid having to negotiate stairs.

Remove Tripping Hazards And Clutter

Keep pathways clear of clutter and obstacles. Make sure electrical cords and cables are tucked away to prevent tripping. It’s also a good idea to replace uncomfortable furniture with sturdy elevated chairs or lift chairs to prevent falling when trying to stand up.

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