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What Chronic Health Conditions Can Elder Care Help With?

If your dad is diagnosed with a chronic health condition, how can you ensure he has the help he needs? Let Elder Care in Cave Creek, AZ help.
Elder Care in Cave Creek
Elder Care in Cave Creek

Your dad has been to the doctor for his annual health exam. His doctor told him he has one of the common health conditions. It’s not uncommon for older adults to have health issues, but you want to be proactive. You want to ensure your dad has the help he needs to take care of his home and health. Elder care services are a great help with many of these common health concerns.

Alzheimer’s Disease

If your dad is diagnosed with dementia, he’s going to need help around the home. His needs may be minimal at first, but they’ll increase as the months and years pass.

One of the first things he’s going to need help with is rides to his medical appointments. His ability to drive will end, and he’s going to need family members or caregivers to take him to his doctor’s and dentist’s appointments. He’ll need a ride to physical therapy, counseling sessions, and dental appointments.

He’ll also need help with medication reminders, meal preparation, bill paying, and organization. Eventually, he’s going to need help with bathing, toileting, and oral care.


After a cancer diagnosis, your dad will need emotional support. Depending on the treatment plan, he may need someone to drive him to chemo and radiation, clean the home while recovering from surgery, and remind him when to take his medications.


Meal preparation is an important service after your dad is diagnosed with diabetes. He’ll need help planning meals that are okay for his changing diet. He may also need help remembering when to check his blood sugar levels or take whatever medication his doctor recommends.

Heart Disease

If your dad has heart disease, his diet will change. Given that, he may need help finding appropriate foods in the stories. Maybe he will need help planning heart-healthy meals and snacks, and shopping for the items he needs to make those dishes.

A caregiver to clean his home may also be needed, especially if strenuous activities are limited for him. If he goes for a daily walk, he might want to have a caregiver with him.

High Blood Pressure

Certainly, high blood pressure is the most common chronic health condition. Your dad will have medications he has to remember to take. In addition, he might need to exercise more and change his diet. Caregivers can help him cook low-sodium meals and shop for items that don’t contain a lot of extra salt.

Vision Loss

As his vision diminishes from common conditions like macular degeneration or cataracts, your dad may not be able to drive. Even so, his caregiver can take over driving for him.

In brief, you should arrange elder care services to ensure your dad has the support he needs after his diagnosis. Caregivers offer a helping hand with medication reminders, housekeeping, transportation, meals, and personal care. Learn more by contacting an expert in elder care.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Elder Care in Cave Creek, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Home Care Resources at (602) 443-4700.

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