According to AARP, 87% of adults over the age of 65 want to stay in their current home and community as they age, and it’s no wonder.
Their home is what they worked for; it’s where their memories are stored, and their heart belongs. When you get to the point where your elderly parent needs a bit of assistance to live out their dream of staying home, Senior Care Help can give her just the right amount of support to provide her with the possibility of realizing that dream of living at home.


Senior Care in Wadell AZ: Staying in Home and Community

Senior Care in Wadell AZ: Staying in Home and Community


Senior Care Help can come in many forms that can be customized specifically for your aging parents’ needs, and your needs. Some of the things that a home care professional can provide are:


  • Companionship.

We all need people in our lives, especially ones that care deeply about our quality of life. A home care professional is not only in your senior’s life to perform tasks but to develop a relationship that will help prevent isolation and loneliness. Having a good supportive community around them helps most seniors age with fewer health problems and complications.


  • Housekeeping assistance.

A home care professional can help your seniors with everyday tasks such as vacuuming, washing dishes or clothes, even cleaning the windows, or taking the dog for a walk. Chores that have become too physically or mentally challenging for your parent can be easily taken care of each time a home care professional visits.


  • Health care monitoring.

If you’re concerned that your aging parent is not taking his medications as needed or isn’t eating his meals, a senior care professional can make that part of her task list. She can also often do things like check blood pressure or provide medical injections, keeping your senior healthy right at home.


  • Safe Transportation.

If your aging parent is at the point where driving has become more dangerous than it should be, a home care professional can help provide rides to needed appointments, grocery store trips or even a drive out to get a cup of coffee or visit the local YMCA.


  • An extra set of eyes.

The more people who are regularly checking in and being a part of your aging parent’s life, the more people you will have that can notice if changes are taking place that needs to be addressed, or if new areas are arising that your parent needs assistance with. A senior care companion can be a valuable part of your aging parent’s overall care and protection.


Senior care professionals are there for the entire family and while they perform much needed tasks to help your aging parent continue to live independently, they also will develop a true relationship with your parent that will bless his life in many different aspects. By providing support now to your aging parent, you are almost guaranteeing a more healthy and happy aging process for everyone in your family so that you can enjoy these golden years together.
Home is where everyone’s heart is, so why not do everything you possibly can to help your parent stay in his home like he’s always dreamed?


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Senior Care in Wadell, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Home Care Resources at (602) 443-4700