Better Ways to Boost Your Mom’s Protein Intake

Older adults should consume 25 to 30 grams of protein three times a day. Adults 70 or older rarely get this much. Almost 47% of the adults in this age range are not eating enough protein.

Your mom often skips meals, and her doctor wants her to boost her protein intake. Protein is an essential building block for muscles. Sarcopenia is a common condition where muscle mass diminishes and leads to issues with mobility and balance. Your mom’s at risk. What can you and your companion care at home provider do to make sure she’s getting enough protein?


Companion Care at Home in Tempe AZ: Boost Protein Intake

Companion Care at Home in Tempe AZ: Boost Protein Intake


Keep Cooked Quinoa on Hand

A cup of cooked quinoa has around 8 grams of protein. For a quick lunch, your mom could take some cooked quinoa and top it with chopped vegetables, tuna, and some fresh herbs and lemon juice.

Quinoa also makes a quick and easy breakfast if you top it with some nuts, chopped apple, and honey. You can heat it up like oatmeal or serve it cold.

Cook quinoa in large batches and keep it in the freezer. It can thaw in the refrigerator overnight, which makes it easy for your mom to add to her daily meals.

Add Yogurt to Morning Smoothies

Your mom doesn’t eat breakfast usually, but she will have a breakfast smoothie. Blend plain unsweetened kefir with a banana, nut milk or milk, frozen berries, and spinach powder.

If she is okay with nut milk, it lowers natural sugars as the fresh fruit will have plenty. The kefir is packed with about 11 grams of protein per cup. You can add some fiber with chia or flax seeds. Chia seeds add protein, too.

Make Desserts With Tofu

Your mom has a sweet tooth and loves having dessert after dinner. You can’t break her of that habit, but you can start making healthier desserts that are packed with protein.

A half-cup of tofu has about 10 grams of protein. Make your mom a chocolate pie by blending silken tofu with melted dark chocolate chips. Stevia-sweetened chocolate chips cut any added sugar. Pour that mixture into a crust made with finely chopped almonds or walnuts, a little avocado oil, and cinnamon. Serve it with fresh fruit.

How about hiring caregivers to help your mom plan weekly menus? With companion care at home, your mom has someone to talk to her about what she’d like to eat, help her build a shopping list, and take her shopping. Her caregiver helps her carry groceries inside and put things away.

During the week, she has companion care at home services to assist with meal preparation and kitchen clean-up. Your mom even enjoys having company while she eats. Contract a home care specialist to learn more.


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