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What Are Some Ideas to Help Seniors Celebrate Mad for Plaid Month? 

Companion Care at Home: Mad for Plaid Month in Tempe, AZ
Companion Care at Home: Mad for Plaid Month in Tempe, AZ

Mad for Plaid Month happens every March, and it can be a really fun month-long holiday to explore with seniors. Seniors can take this time to learn more about plaid, what it is and where it’s most popular, while enjoying a variety of different activities throughout the month. If seniors need extra help with these types of fun activities or want someone to share them with, companion care at home is an excellent option.

Explore the History of Plaid

Plaid has a long and rich history. The best-known associations are with Scottish heritage and traditional tartans. Researching the history and significance of plaid can be a fun project for seniors to tackle. It offers cognitive stimulation and enjoyment. Seniors can find that information via a variety of sources including books, documentaries, websites, and more. One fact that seniors might find interesting is that plaid was included in the first color picture.

Learn Fun Facts About Plaid

Besides the history of plaid, there are lots of fun facts, too. Iconic fashion moments, quirky anecdotes, famous plaid patterns, and more can all be part of this month-long adventure. Using those facts to make a game or quiz can be something fun for seniors to share with other people in their lives. Some facts that might be fun to include could be that the word “plaid” comes from the Welsh word for “party”, or that Hello Kitty has two official plaids registered in the Scottish Tartan Registry.

Dress Up in Plaid Outfits

Another idea is for seniors to dress up in plaid throughout the month. This could be something that seniors do once or several times throughout the month, like a weekly fashion party. These types of ideas can be a lot more fun when seniors have company throughout the process. When seniors need additional help with things like getting dressed and planning these types of events, home care providers can help.

Seek Out TV Shows or Movies That Incorporate Plaid

For seniors who are looking for a less active way to celebrate the month or who want to add another layer of fun, movies and TV shows that incorporate plaid in some way can be an idea. Putting together a list of media that features characters wearing plaid or that features scenes of plaid-filled environments is easy to do through the internet. Adding cozy plaid blankets and party favors using plaid rounds out the event.

Find Crafts Related to Plaid

Crafting is another great way for seniors to express their creativity and try new things. Making plaid-related items helps seniors create something new and fosters a sense of accomplishment. Using different types of materials and creating different items can give seniors lots of things to try. These can be terrific events for seniors to spend time with friends and family members, doing something fun.

Mad for Plaid Month is a fun and sweet holiday for seniors to celebrate and appreciate plaid. Companion care at home helps seniors to have these types of fun events on a regular basis without feeling worn out while putting it all together and without feeling alone while celebrating.


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