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How Personal Care At Home Helps Seniors With Arthritis

Personal care at home agencies provides invaluable assistance to seniors with arthritis, aiding them in hygiene-related activities. This support empowers them to regain confidence and pride in their appearance.
Personal care at home providers are helpful for seniors battling arthritis.
Personal care at home providers are helpful for seniors battling arthritis.

If your senior parent has arthritis, they likely have trouble doing things that require good grip strength and manual dexterity. These can include hygiene tasks like brushing teeth, brushing hair, putting on makeup, or getting dressed.

Seniors with arthritis may be embarrassed that they can no longer easily do the things that people do daily to maintain good hygiene. It can also be embarrassing for seniors who pride themselves on their appearance if they can’t style their hair or wear nice clothes like button-up shirts.

Personal care at home helps seniors with arthritis with all kinds of hygiene-related tasks so that they can be confident and take pride in their appearance again. If you have noticed that your senior parent is looking a bit unkempt and not brushing their hair or maintaining their hygiene, they may need personal care at home services.

Personal care at home helps seniors who are struggling with arthritis do things like:



Showering isn’t just difficult for seniors with arthritis; it can be downright dangerous. Seniors who have trouble gripping or holding things can drop slippery bottles, spilling shampoo, soap, and conditioner on the shower floor. If soap is on the shower floor, it will be incredibly slippery and dangerous for seniors. Having a personal care at home attendant means that seniors will have the extra set of hands they need to shower safely.


Wash Their Hair

Washing their hair can be another tough task for seniors who have pain and stiffness in their fingers and wrists. But, having greasy or dirty hair can make anyone feel unclean and not great about themselves. Dry shampoo sprays can help keep hair fresh between washes, but nothing beats a fresh shampoo. With personal care at home, seniors can always have fresh, clean hair so they look good and feel good about themselves.


Brush Their Teeth

For seniors, brushing their teeth isn’t just about avoiding bad breath. Dental decay and bacteria can cause serious infections that can travel to the heart or into the bloodstream, making seniors very sick. That’s why seniors need to brush their teeth twice a day and floss or use mouthwash too. But seniors who can’t grip a toothbrush have a very tough time cleaning their teeth. Personal care at home providers can help.


Use The Bathroom

Seniors who struggle with incontinence may have difficulty getting to the bathroom and cleaning up. Personal care at home services include helping with personal hygiene after using the bathroom so that seniors can be clean and dry and avoid UTIs.


Get Dressed

It can be fun to spend the day in pajamas occasionally, but seniors often feel better when dressed and looking good. Personal home care can help seniors ensure they are looking their best. Seniors can get help with things like putting a shirt over their heads, pulling on socks, tying their shoes, buttoning up a shirt, or zipping up pants.



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