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How Does Companion Care Help Seniors Battle Loneliness?

Companion care at home provides essential social interaction and support for seniors living alone, preventing loneliness and associated health risks.
Companion care at home services help seniors aging in place with their feelings of loneliness.
Companion care at home services help seniors aging in place with their feelings of loneliness.

If your senior parent lives alone and you don’t live nearby, companion care at home professionals can help keep your senior parent from becoming lonely.

Loneliness can be more than inconvenient for seniors aging in place. According to research, seniors who don’t have regular social interaction with family or friends have a higher risk for serious health problems like heart disease, depression, and dementia.

If it’s not possible for you to visit your senior parent often, and they have lost a spouse or don’t have friends nearby, companion care at home services is a great option. When seniors have companion care at home services, they get regular visits from care providers who can talk to them, share meals with them, and do activities with them. Companion care fills in the gaps and helps seniors get the social connection they need to be healthy.

There are many ways for seniors to make social connections. But if your senior parent has many health issues or limited mobility and finding getting out of the house is tough, companion care is one of the best options for them.

Some of the ways that companion care at home helps seniors are:


Providing Companionship And Support

When your senior parent has companion care, they will get regular visits from a friend they enjoy spending time with. A companion caregiver can listen to your senior parent, encourage them to talk about their feelings, and provide emotional support. If your senior parent is currently grieving a major loss, like the loss of a spouse, having that extra emotional support can help them grieve.


Shared Meals

Many seniors don’t eat enough because they don’t want to eat alone or because they don’t want to cook a whole meal for just one person. Seniors who have companion care have someone visiting regularly with whom they can share meals. That will encourage your senior parent to eat more regularly and to eat more nutritious meals.


Transportation and Running Errands

Seniors who have trouble getting out of the house can also benefit from companion care at home services. A companion can drive your senior parent to the store to get their hair done or to run other errands. With a companion who will help keep your senior parent from getting overwhelmed when out in public, your senior parent will be able to get out and do things.


Talking About The Past

Seniors can find a lot of comfort in talking about the past, people they have known, and the memories they cherish. Telling their life story and stories about the family and the past to a companion is a wonderful way for seniors to keep their cognitive abilities strong and take a long walk down memory lane.


Playing Games And Finding New Hobbies

Having a companion care at home caregiver encourages seniors to try new activities and have more fun. Seniors and care providers can play board games or card games together. They can listen to music and have dance parties in the living room. They can also watch movies and TV or do craft projects. Engaging in fun social activities will make your senior parent happy and improve their health.



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