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What Are the Easiest Safety Solutions You Can Put in Place Today?

Elderly Care in Avondale AZ: Safety concerns don’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time to have a big impact.

Keeping your senior safe is likely at the top of your list of things to do and figuring out some solutions that help you get to that point is crucial. These ideas can help quite a bit.


Elderly Care in Avondale AZ: Easiest Safety Solution
Elderly Care in Avondale AZ: Easiest Safety Solution


Kitchens That Are Easier to Use Tend to Be Safer, Too

When your senior is and feels safer in her own kitchen, she may be more comfortable spending time there cooking healthier foods. It’s important to do things like ensuring that the most commonly used items are easy for your senior to access. Some items that she doesn’t use much at all might be better off stored in awkward locations, like higher up in cabinets. That frees up space for items she does use often that need to be more accessible.


Look for Safety Answers in the Bathroom

The bathroom is another room that is frequently a little more dangerous. Wet feet can make a previously safe surface a lot more slippery and therefore problematic. Look for things like no-skid bathmats or bathroom rugs and consider adding a non-slip mat in the shower stall itself, too. Grab bars are another vital safety device to consider. They give your senior a way to stabilize herself easily.


Improve Stair Safety

If your elderly family member’s home has stairs, you need to pay special attention to that area. Stairs are an area where you and your senior both need to pay close attention to what’s going on. Ensure that handrails are securely attached and that your elderly family member has good visibility while she’s on the stairs. Never leave anything on the stairs, because that just magnifies the possible tripping hazards.


Simplify Seeing Who’s Outside

When someone knocks on the door or rings the bell, it might take your senior longer to get there than it used to take. One solution that can also help her to be safer overall is to invest in a web-connected doorbell system. These doorbells use cameras to transmit both audio and video directly to your senior’s smartphone or tablet. She can know exactly who is at the door no matter where she is and have conversations in real-time as well.


Supplemental Lighting Is Easy and Helpful

Adding supplemental lighting in a variety of spots is never a bad idea. Every little bit of extra light helps your senior to be that much safer. Night lights are a great way to do this. Something else to consider is adding motion-sensing lights in areas that need even more light.

Elderly care providers can help you to see gaps in your senior’s safety plans. They can also help to implement routines related to your senior’s daily care that support her safety plans.


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