How Can Seniors Make the Most of Telemedicine Visits?

Telemedicine visits are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.
Telemedicine is a virtual doctor visit that often occurs via the Internet using technology that allows the seniors and their doctors to see one another via a video connection. While it’s a convenient way for older adults to receive medical advice from home, it can also be intimidating to those who are not familiar with the technology.


Homecare in Avondale AZ: Telemedicine Visits

Homecare in Avondale AZ: Telemedicine Visits


In fact, one study indicated that as many as 30 percent of older adults don’t feel comfortable with telemedicine visits because of the technology involved. So, how can caregivers help their aging relatives to get the most from their telemedicine visits? Here are some tips.


Choose the Device the Senior will Use Ahead of Time

There are many different devices that can be used for a telemedicine visit, like smartphones, tablets, or computers. Caregivers should decide ahead of time which device will be used. Once you’ve decided, spend some time familiarizing the older adult with the device. Show them where they need to sit or hold the device to be seen by the doctor. It’s also a good idea for caregivers to teach the senior how to adjust the volume.


Find Out Which App Will Be Used

Ask the doctor’s office which app will be used to conduct the telemedicine visit. They may use something specific to their practice, or they might use a more common application, like Skype or Zoom. Caregivers will need to download the appropriate app to the device that will be used. It’s also a good idea for the caregiver to test the app before the visit. Arrange to contact a friend or other family member using the app to check it.


Prepare the Environment

Take the time to set up the area the senior will be in during the visit. Choose a comfortable chair for the older adult to sit in. Make sure the lighting is bright enough for the older adult to see and be seen. Make certain the space will be quiet and private.


Be Prepared to Sit-In

Your older family member may be more comfortable having a caregiver stay in the room with them during the telemedicine visit in case something goes wrong. You could also offer your assistance by taking notes since the senior might not remember everything the doctor says. Caregivers should make the doctor aware that they are present even if they will not be on camera.


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