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Alzheimer’s Care Gives Family Caregivers A Break When They Need It

Alzheimer’s home care offers specialized support, ensuring your senior parent receives the best care while allowing you to take necessary breaks for your well-being.
Alzheimer’s home care can help family caregivers get a break.
Alzheimer’s home care can help family caregivers get a break.

If you’re taking care of your mom and dad and they have Alzheimer’s, you should know it’s ok to need a break. Taking care of a senior parent with Alzheimer’s is challenging. It can wear you down physically and emotionally. Even though you’re grateful for the chance to spend time with them, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Alzheimer’s home care can help. Alzheimer’s care is specialty care. The caregivers who provide Alzheimer’s home care understand how to communicate effectively with seniors at all stages of Alzheimer’s. You can be sure that your senior parent is getting the best care so that you can take care of yourself.

Don’t feel guilty about needing time off. Talk with  a local care agency today about Alzheimer’s home care so that you can take some time off to do things that you need to do, like:


Go To Medical Appointments

Your own health matters just as much as your senior parent’s health. If you’ve been neglecting your own health because you are taking care of your mom or dad, get Alzheimer’s home care scheduled so that you can make medical appointments for yourself.

Get your teeth cleaned. See the eye doctor. Schedule a physical with PCP. Do the things you need to do to keep yourself healthy. You can’t help your mom or dad if you’re not healthy. Let Alzheimer’s care take care of them so you can take care of them.


Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself doesn’t just mean going to medical appointments. It also means getting your hair cut, getting your nails done, shopping for appropriate seasonal clothes and shoes, going to the craft store, buying some hobby supplies, and picking up some new books.

You should do whatever you can to rejuvenate yourself. It’s okay to take time off to do things for yourself.



If you’re taking care of your senior parent around the clock, you probably haven’t slept well in a long time. It’s tough to rest when you’re listening to hear if your senior parent is getting up and wandering or if they need you.

Schedule a few nights of Alzheimer’s home care per week so that you can catch up on your sleep while someone else makes sure that your senior parent is safe throughout the night.


See Friends And Socialize

When was the last time you had a date night? Or meet friends for dinner? Or did you go to a movie? You can schedule Alzheimer’s home care for your senior parent so that you can take some time to see your friends, go out to lunch, go see your child’s school play, and do other social activities. It’s important to stay connected to people you care about.


Get Some Help

You can also schedule Alzheimer’s home care to take care of your mom or dad so that you can go to counseling or a support group. Being able to process your emotions and deal with the stress of caregiving is very important for your mental health. Don’t put off getting the help you need.



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