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How You Can Support A Senior Parent That Lives Alone

Senior home care offers reliable, compassionate support for seniors living alone, providing personalized assistance that adapts to their changing needs.
Senior home care helps loved ones age in place safely.
Senior home care helps loved ones age in place safely.

Trying to help your senior parent who is living alone can be overwhelming. It’s hard to juggle work, kids, and responsibilities while also making sure your parent is safe and healthy.

But you don’t have to do it alone, and your senior parent doesn’t have to be alone when you can’t be there. Senior home care is home-based support that will help seniors with a wide range of tasks. Your mom or dad will get reliable, compassionate, and experienced help from a caregiver that they can trust.

Senior home care can change as your mom or dad’s needs change. So, if they don’t need much help right now, senior home care can provide some backup assistance and regular checking-in to ensure they are okay. But if that changes in the future and your mom or dad needs more support or even full-time care, senior home care can provide that, too.

Check out just some of the things that senior home care can do to help your mom or dad live alone safely:


Personal Care

Personal care is available if your senior parent needs assistance with daily hygiene tasks like bathing, getting dressed, or brushing their teeth. Personal care is specialized care that helps seniors look and feel their best.


Meal Preparation

Senior home care providers often help seniors plan and prepare meals. Cooking can be dangerous for seniors who have poor balance, struggle with vertigo, or have trouble with manual dexterity. Sometimes, seniors will stop eating full meals or rely on takeout or microwave meals because cooking is difficult, and that isn’t good for their health.

A care provider can make healthy meals that your senior parent likes. From homemade soup to classic spaghetti and meatballs or old favorites like pork chops your mom or dad can share delicious meals daily with a care provider.


Medication Management

A care provider can also make sure that your senior parent knows when they are supposed to take their medications. It can be confusing for seniors to keep track of when they need to take medications if they take several different medications. Senior home care providers can fill pill schedule boxes, make sure your senior parent isn’t running out of their medication, and remind them each day when it’s time to take each of their medications.



If your senior parent is living in an aging place, keeping the home clean and tidy is essential for safety and comfort. But, housekeeping tasks can be physically demanding. If your senior parent no longer can keep up with the housecleaning a care provider can do light housekeeping tasks like dusting, doing the dishes, vacuuming, tidying up, changing bed linens, and more. They can also wash clothes, towels, and linens so your senior parent has clean and cozy clothes, towels, and blankets daily.


Grocery Shopping And Errands

Your senior parent won’t have to struggle to get groceries, go to the pharmacy or the bank, or run other errands if they have senior home care. Their care provider can drive them to medical appointments or to do errands. Or the care provider can do the errands and the shopping for your senior parent.



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