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In-Home Care Lowers The Risk Of Falls For Seniors

In-home care significantly reduces the risk of falls for seniors living alone by providing around-the-clock assistance, ensuring they are never alone and always have help moving safely around their home.
In-home care can keep the home and aging seniors safer from falling.
In-home care can keep the home and aging seniors safer from falling.

One of the biggest concerns that family members have about a senior parent living alone is the risk of falling. And that’s something that family members and seniors should be concerned about. Every year, millions of seniors fall at home and end up in the hospital, sometimes with serious injuries.

There is no way to completely prevent falls, but in-home care for seniors can significantly lower that risk. Having in-home care means your senior parent will have the help they need to get around the house safely. And since in-home care is available around the clock, your senior parent doesn’t ever have to be alone. Even if you can’t be with them late at night, a home caregiver can.

Some of the ways that in-home care can lower the risk that your senior parent will have a fall and get injured at home are:


Home Safety Assessment

Home care providers can comprehensively assess the senior’s home environment to identify potential fall hazards. This assessment may include evaluating lighting conditions, flooring surfaces, furniture arrangement, bathroom safety features, and other factors that could increase the risk of falls. Based on the assessment, in-home care providers can recommend modifications or adaptations to improve home safety and reduce fall risks.


Fall Risk Evaluation

Home care providers can evaluate your mom or dad’s risk of falling by considering any physical challenges they have, like mobility limitations, balance problems, muscle weakness, medication side effects, vision impairment, and a history of falls. By identifying your mom or dad’s individual risk factors, in-home care providers can develop personalized fall prevention strategies that can keep your mom or dad safe at home.


Mobility Assistance

Home care providers can assist seniors with mobility tasks such as walking, transferring, and getting in and out of bed or chairs. They can provide physical support, guidance, and supervision to help seniors move safely and maintain their balance.

Additionally, in-home care providers can recommend assistive devices such as walkers, canes, or grab bars to enhance mobility and stability if they see that their senior parent is struggling to maintain their balance, shuffling their feet, or displaying other signs that they need help.


Exercise and Strength Training

In-home care providers can encourage seniors to participate in regular exercise programs designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

These exercises may include gentle stretching, strength training, and balance exercises tailored to the senior’s abilities and preferences. By strengthening muscles and improving balance, seniors can reduce their risk of falling and maintain their independence.


Vision and Hearing Care

Home care providers can encourage seniors to have regular vision and hearing screenings to detect any changes that could affect their balance and coordination. If your senior parent needs someone to take them to a vision or hearing screening, an in-home care provider can take them and stay with them during the appointment.


Fall Prevention Education

Home care providers can educate seniors and their families about fall prevention strategies and safety tips. They can teach seniors how to recognize and avoid fall hazards, use assistive devices safely, and respond effectively in the event of a fall. By empowering seniors with knowledge and skills, in-home care providers can help them take proactive steps to reduce their risk of falling and stay safe at home.



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