Five Ways Home Care Can Help During the Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19, also called the coronavirus, is a virus that your elderly family member is particularly susceptible to. As such, she needs to take great pains to avoid interacting with anyone who might have been exposed to the virus. That means staying at home a lot more, which presents its own challenges.


Home Care Services in Tolleson AZ:

Home Care Services in Tolleson AZ:


Running Errands

There are so many different types of errands that need to be handled during the course of a regular week. When your senior has to stay home in order to avoid possibly becoming sick, those errands become a lot more difficult. Things like picking up prescriptions are vital errands that can’t be postponed forever, and home care providers can take care of those for her.

Stocking up on Groceries

Your senior may also find that she needs to go to the grocery store. Unfortunately, lots of people go to the grocery store, even people that are sick. It’s a much better idea for home care providers to take your senior’s grocery list to the store for her and bring home the groceries she needs. This can help to ensure that your elderly family member has plenty of healthy foods to eat.

Checking the Mail

Whether your senior’s mailbox is at the end of her driveway, in a frequently crowded lobby, or in a post office down the street, she may be a little wary of going to get her mail herself. Elder care providers can collect her mail for her and bring it to her home, ensuring that she’s not in contact with someone who might have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Getting to the Doctor

Health conditions don’t necessarily slow down just because there’s a virus wreaking havoc. Your senior may still need to go to the doctor but feel uncomfortable going by herself. Elderly care providers can go with her to the doctor when she needs to go and ensure that she’s able to safely keep her distance from other people in the waiting room.

Household Tasks

Other household tasks might be an issue now, too. Having help with meal preparation and light housekeeping tasks can be exactly what your senior needs. Home care providers also offer companionship that your elderly family member may be sorely missing now that she’s staying at home a lot more than she might be used to.

Home care services can be the helping hand that your senior may need most during this global health situation. They can also help to spot early symptoms that might mean your elderly family member needs to get to the doctor for an assessment.


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