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Senior Home Care: Could Senior Care Reduce Your Senior’s Risk of Going Back to the Hospital?

Senior Home Care: Even going to the hospital once, can feel traumatic for your senior and for you. Try these tips to reduce the risk of going back.

Senior Home Care: Even going to the hospital once, whether it’s overnight or for a few days, can feel traumatic for your senior and for you as her caregiver.

It’s important that if she does have to be in the hospital, you find ways to reduce the likelihood that she has to go back into the hospital shortly afterward. Your senior home care provider can be a big help with this.


Senior Home Care in Paradise Valley AZ: Re-hospitalization Risk
Senior Home Care in Paradise Valley AZ: Re-hospitalization Risk


Rehospitalization Is a Big Problem for Seniors

One of the biggest risks for your senior, once she returns home from the hospital, is ending up back in the hospital. This is called rehospitalization and it can take a huge toll on your senior’s overall health. Heading back into the hospital after a recent stay can cause your senior to be even weaker when she comes back home a second time. It’s much better to prevent that from happening. And avoiding going back to the hospital is a lot easier when your elderly family member has the help that she needs. Senior care at home can make a huge difference in avoiding rehospitalization.

Worry Contributes to Stress

Worrying about whether she’s going to have to go back to the hospital and worrying about other aspects of her health can cause a great deal of stress for your senior. Stress has tremendous health ramifications for the healthiest of people, much less for people who have compromised health for any reason. As your senior’s caregiver, you probably know firsthand how much worry and stress affect you. For a senior recovering from a stint in the hospital, stress can be even more damaging. Finding ways to reduce stress, particularly by bringing in caregivers, is imperative.

Senior Home Care: You Have to Identify Risk Factors and Put Solutions in Place

Senior home care helps you and your senior’s medical team to identify risk factors that could lead to rehospitalization. Malnutrition, pushing herself too hard, and developing infections are only a few of the risk factors that could lead to rehospitalization for your senior. Having the right solutions in place allows your senior to have what she needs in order to remain at home rather than going back to the hospital. Home care providers can also help you to have the assistance that you need to keep up with your senior’s changing needs.

Working with all of the tools and solutions at your disposal can help you and your senior to keep her from having to return to the hospital. That’s especially important as her health continues to change over time.


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