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Symptoms Of Poor Circulation Seniors Should Be Aware Of

Poor diet, lack of sleep, and especially lack of exercise can all contribute to seniors having poor circulation. In-home care can help!
Poor Circulation: In-Home Care Cave Creek AZ
Poor Circulation: In-Home Care Cave Creek AZ

Poor circulation is something that many seniors struggle with. Seniors often live pretty sedentary lives, which can increase the risk of poor circulation. Having an in-home care provider can help identify the signs and assist in getting your loved one up and moving. Poor diet, lack of sleep, and especially lack of exercise can all contribute to seniors having poor circulation.

It can also cause some serious health problems, including an increased risk of stroke. Seniors also run the risk of developing varicose veins and venous insufficiency if they have poor circulation.

That’s why it’s very important for seniors to do whatever they can to boost their circulation. Moving is the best way to prevent it. If your senior has in-home care, their in-home care provider can encourage them to get up and move while they are watching TV or take a break when they are doing other activities to walk around. Seniors should move as much as they can during the day, and get at least 20 minutes of exercise each day to boost circulation. Here are a few of the most common symptoms.

Cold Hands And Feet

If your senior loved one has chronically cold hands and feet that is a sign of poor circulation. It shows that the blood isn’t circulating all the way to the hands and feet. When the heart isn’t able to pump blood effectively enough to push it throughout the body the body will send that oxygen rich blood from the heart to the core of the body to make sure that the body’s primary systems are getting the oxygen rich blood. That means that hands and feet will be cold because they aren’t getting enough blood.

Swelling In The Legs And Feet

Swelling in the legs and feet, which is also called edema, can be caused by other conditions too. It’s very common for seniors to experience edema in their legs and feet. But poor circulation is one of the primary causes of edema and it can combine with other medical conditions to contribute to swelling in the legs and feet. Compression stockings can help force the flood from the feet throughout the body but movement is also crucial when it comes to helping seniors avoid poor circulation.

Skin Color Changes

When seniors have poor circulation they may experience color changes in their fingers and hands, feet, and legs. That’s because the blood they need isn’t getting to those areas. If your senior parent’s hands are often blue or very pale that could be caused by poor circulation. Their feet and legs could also appear pale, blue, or purple like a bruise if there is poor circulation. Hand and foot warmers as well as electric blankets can help seniors keep their feet and hands warm and keep the blood flowing.

Ulcers On The Legs Or Feet

If poor circulation isn’t treated or if seniors don’t try to be more active to correct poor circulation they may start to develop ulcers on their feet and legs caused by the pooling blood in their feet and legs. Those ulcers must be treated by a doctor and kept clean and dressed so that they don’t become infected.

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