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Best Dog Breeds for Your Senior Loved One

A pet may be a good addition for your loved one. But which breeds are good for seniors? Home Care in Tempe, AZ can give you some tips.
Home Care in Tempe
Home Care in Tempe

If your senior is mobile enough, they may consider a furry friend to fill their days up. There are many reasons a senior should consider getting a pet. They can help ease loneliness, ease pain, help a senior stick to a routine, and much more. Even if a senior has home care to help them around the house, having an animal to be responsible for can help solidify a routine, because they are now accountable for their tiny friend. It can help a senior feel like there is something worth living for every day.

Before getting a dog or animal, ensure that a senior can care for the animal and is healthy enough. If a senior relies heavily on home care, there may be better options than this. However, if home care checks in once in a while and your senior remains independent, a dog can be a great idea for them. Here are four breeds that may be better suited for seniors than other breeds.

Breed: Pugs
Seniors who want to relax on the couch with their furry companion may choose a pug. This breed likes to spend time inside, relaxing and playing. The Pug’s flat face and narrow nostrils make it vulnerable to the adverse effects of weather extremes on its respiration. This is a smaller breed that is perfect for seniors who don’t have a lot of space. They have a loving temperament, plus they will be exceptionally loyal to your senior!

Breed: Poodle
The Poodle is one of the greatest dogs for elderly people because of its intelligence and ease with which it can be trained. Poodles need regular exercise to burn off surplus energy and keep them in good spirits. Three sizes are available for this breed, from Toy to Miniature to Standard. Poodles, devoted friends, connect well with their human family and do particularly well in two-person households. They are witty and appreciate being treated with kid gloves. One of the smartest canine breeds, the proud and submissive bulldog is also one of the noblest.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
The dashing Miniature Schnauzer is the best senior dog because they are dedicated and loyal to its owner. Miniature Schnauzers, like Shih Tzus, are great with youngsters and can even hang out with seniors, since they are patient and like playing. Dogs of this breed are bold, gregarious, and sociable. Miniature Schnauzers are obedient house dogs because they are family-focused and fiercely protective of their human family. On top of all that, these cuddly companions take instruction well and learn new things quickly.

Breed: Greyhound
The world’s quickest canine breed, the Greyhound, may seem like an outlandish choice for the finest pets for elderly people. After a good workout, though, this active dog is satisfied to relax and unwind at home. In addition, Greyhounds make wonderful pets for elderly people who want a big dog that is yet controllable. The noble Greyhound is a wonderful pet, since it is calm, quiet, and kind. Part of the breed’s allure is that it is unique and may be reticent in social situations. A strong prey drive means greyhounds need to be constantly watched and on a leash while outside.

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